Ортез тазобедренного сустава Newport HIP 4 Virtual 5


Ортез тазобедренного сустава Newport HIP 4 Virtual 5

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Ортез V5 Joint The Virtual 5 Joint from Orthomerica was engineered to be the most versatile design for the Newport 4 Hip System. This joint can precisely fit all your entire patient population. • Small joint head and lightweight design without sacrificing strength • Easy access to all joint adjustments that are made with Allen wrenches • Multiple bar choices allow the practitioner to position each component and hip joint more precisely for very short to very tall patients • V5 Joint can fit all patient heights including those less than 5’2″ and over 6′ tall • Available in standard and extended curved proximal bars • Available in 2, 3, and 4-slot distal bars for optimal placement of the thigh component • The Newport 4 is an extremely versatile orthosis. The V5 Joint complements the wide range of thigh cuff options and patient diversity. Select your favorite thigh component to find the perfect V5 Joint for your patients M

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